I'm Alice, a French student at l'Ecole de Design de Nantes Atlantique, specializing in product design. I am now finishing my Masters degree in a subsidiary of this school based at Shanghai University in China. I have chosen to spend my last two years of my studies in China to discover a new culture, world and new techniques of creation. This experience has given me a lot of insight about cross-cultural design and working with a cross-cultural team. I have learned that I can now adapt myself to many situations  in work and life in regards to culture and geography.

As a product designer, I have a personal interest in furniture design. I explore my interest by making mock-ups, and I experiment with materials such as paper, cardboard and wood, which fuels my creativity. I also enjoy the process of approaching materials before drawing my ideas. I find my inspiration in my travels in different countries and the different cultures I learnt to understand.

Aside from designing and building furniture, I enjoy design, develop and handcraft my line of jewelry and handbags.

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