My end study project is about office furniture, focus on sharing and conviviality. During my researches I have found that the management of the human has a huge influence on the choice of one or another office furniture. Furthermore, one of the principal preoccupation of the human resources nowadays is the Generation Y (people around 20 to 30 years old), and how to attract, recruit and keep them in a company. This generation is born with new technologies, and has new needs and a different way to see the work. I decided to focus on two main values at work of this generation: the sharing and the collaboration between people. For them TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More.

My purpose is to create a system of office furniture based on the elements of conviviality. This will change the way of working by increasing the collaboration and sharing between colleagues, encouraging the generation Y to get involved and be able to stay in an international company.

I based my 3 different concepts on 3 different analogies which you create different worlds for different tasks. The first concept refers to the analogy of the basketball; the second one refers to the analogy of the park; and the third on of the house. Those concepts bring conviviality and sharing in different ways in a workplace. The pictures are not the final shape and materials. It is just to give an idea of what it could be.

Working with analogies helps me to define different kinds of world. It gives me a lot of inspiration and creativity.

This project is not finished yet. It will be finished at the end of February. The next step is to develop more the different elements and go further with the analogies to find the good shape, materials, ambiance to increase the collaboration and the sharing between colleagues.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact me I will be glad to answer to your questions and send you my full presentation of the research and the creative part of this project.