This chair was created during a workshop with Erwan Mével, a French designer. Erwan gave us different natural materials like linen felt, and some glue or epoxy resin to experiment different shape and volume in order to find a strong structure to make furniture (stool, small table, chair).

With Céline Legrand, we chose to use linen felt and linen fiber with epoxy resin to do our experimentation. After a lot of experimentation, we found that the tube structure is really strong when one side of the linen felt tube is covered by epoxy resin. The different tubes fit into each other and a strengthening is made with linen fiber.

Creating this chair was a challenge for us. We experimented first by the materials to find a structure and after thinking about a shape gave us a big constraint of creativity. But now, Papa ours chair is perfect to read in the garden during summer!

Team project with Céline Legrand.