This project has been created for the 4rd Minimaousse competition. The goal of this competition was to create a XXS architecture for the children under 1.20m. Imagine moi is a playground which can be created by children. In fact, they have to open different parts of the playground in order to discover different activities. Different groups of children can create their own playground and imagine their stories around it. Their parents can take part by helping their children to discover each activity.

About the technical aspect, all is made in wood except some pieces of modules which are made in rubber or waterproof tarpaulin. All the mechanisms have been studied for the security of the children. The team has been selected to the step 2 of the competition, and we realized a mockup at scale 1:10 to show how it works to the jury.

This project was a great opportunity to cross my skills with the space designer and learn a lot from them.

Team project with two space design students, Géraldine Thomas and Pauline Guérin.