This project was an anthropological project that I did in Qingdao (China). The goal was to observe, make field researches and interact with people in order to find their needs and work with them.

My subject was to study the children from the one child policy in China. First, I began by the different clichés I had about being an only child in China. I created hypothesis of researches, like « the only child is a spoiled child» or «only children are selfish». To go further, I went into the field to interview only children, teachers and parents of only children.

Through my interviews and researches, I saw that the parents of the only children do not give them a lot of time to play. The child has to take private lessons to be the best and has a lot of homework. In China, you cannot find a lot of outside playground or installations for children to play. I explored further about outside activities and playground to know more about what children and parents think. I did a workshop with some children about which activities they like and what would they like. For the parents and teachers, it was about what can be good for their children/students.

The result was that children are really curious and want to observe the nature, to be outside, look at the insects, and play with other children. The parents, for most of them, would like that when their children play they can learn simultaneously and develop new skills. So this new playground would have to satisfy these two needs. Like an observation based with binoculars, magnifying glass, microscopes, and also give information about what they observe.

I learned a lot with this project. By going on the field I discovered that most of time the clichés we can have are not true. Learning how to interview people and creating a link in order to work with them is really interesting.