Within the framework of the "Le Challenge des Entreprenariales 2009" competition, I worked with two engineer and one design students. The goal of the competition was to create a company. We chose to create a bubble of relaxation. Inside you can relax, thanks to different technologies like aromatherapy, light therapy, music therapy and massage.

Working with a multidisciplinary team was a really interesting experience. Everyone can bring to the table their skills in order to make the team more efficient. Engineers and designers complete each other. Engineers bring the technics and designers bring ergonomics and aesthetics. This project put me in real condition, it helped me to share tasks, trust in my teammates and have fun. All this helped us to be more creative and effective.

Thanks to this collaboration we won the « Dream Team » price of the "Le Challenge des Entreprenariales 2009" competition and also the special price of the jury of the "Innovons ensemble" competition.

Team project with Thibaud Godard (design student), Damien Henry et Yoann Caillot (engineer students).