Cook up is a work surface for the young adult who would like to learn how to cook without losing time. This work surface has been thought to be efficient and to have the fewer dishes to wash. You can do whatever you want, thanks to two different tools: a knife combined with a peeler and a spatula combined with a spoon. In the upper part of this work surface you can find different containers with different sizes to put your dishes easily away. It allows you also eat your meal inside, so you don’t need plates. This new kind of plastic container can be totally flat in order to easily place your food and also can become a box that you can take anywhere you want. Then, when you want to eat, the plastic container can function as a plate, which valorizes your meal that you have cooked. It is really nicer to eat in a plate than in a box!

Those plastic container transformations are realized thanks to different way of folding the plastic sheet. Cook up is a product easy to clean, easy to use, and compact to be adapted of the young adults’ small kitchen. A software application for smartphone and computer is provided with the product to find different easy recipes with the ingredients that you already have.

For this project we have done a hand making mock up in solid wood to show the size and the different details, functions of this concept. You can check out the video here.

Team project with Simon Boussard and Yohan Erent and submitted to James Dyson Award competition.